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A whole generation of your best mainframe experts are retiring this year!

Now is the time to start capturing those mainframe experts' knowledge and invest in our top COBOL Programming and IBM Mainframe training courses.

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UNIX and Linux
IBM Mainframe
Design Methods
About us
Malcolm Kayser Computer Training (MKCT) provides professional training courses designed for the computer user and computer technician to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.  Originally called MKCT Ltd., it was formed in 1997 capitalising then on 27 years technical experience in Computer Operations, Systems Development and IT Training gained on a variety of platforms.

The company presents Programming and Design methods courses, Open Systems (UNIX and Linux) courses, IBM mainframe courses, and HTML.  We are not a Microsoft training provider.  All courses are supported by comprehensive course notes or, if preferred, we will deliver courses using your own courseware.

Clients benefit from the versatility and excellent communication skills of its top class team of trainers who have delivered training to both small and large classes of delegates.

The company has built a strong reputation for training based on quality of service and customer care.

Where do the courses take place?
We deliver instructor-led training for IT training companies at their training centres, and on-site training to private companies or individuals.  We provide instructors, courses and courseware for other IT training companies.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss your needs.

When do the courses take place?
We pride ourselves on consistency and competency in presentation.  We arrange dates to suit you and your delegates and each course is arranged according to your timetable.

Websites designed and built
We can also design and create for you a website to your specification (or provide the necessary training to help you develop your own site).  Visit our website.

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Help, tuition and practical computer advice for people in their prime.  See Computer knowledge for Seniors.

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UNIX and Linux

Course Title Course
Introduction to Linux 3-5 days
Introduction to UNIX 3-5 days
Introduction to AIX 3-5 days
Linux bash Shell Programming 2-5 days
Korn Shell Programming 2-5 days
COBOL Programming (Micro Focus) 5 days
UNIX/Linux Tools and Utilities 2 days
UNIX Fundamentals for System Administrators 5 days



Course Title Course
Java Programming Workshop 5 days
Java Introduction (introductory level) 4 days
Java Fundamentals 4 days
Java Programming (for 'C' or C++ programmers) 2 days
'C' Programming 5 days
Using REXX in a Windows environment 3-4 days
HTML Fundamentals 1 day
Introduction to SQL  new logo 1 day
Introduction to COBOL Programming (z/OS or Micro Focus) 10 days
COBOL Programming (z/OS or Micro Focus) 5 days
COBOL Programming Fast Track (z/OS or Micro Focus) 4 days
Programming COBOL-85 extensions and COBOL-89 for independent platforms (z/OS; tailored for Micro Focus on PC or UNIX/Linux) 2-3 days


IBM Mainframe

Course Title Course
z/OS MVS Concepts 1 day
Using TSO/ISPF 2-3 days
Using z/OS MVS JCL 2-3 days
Using CLISTs (please call)
Using REXX under TSO 3 days
Using VSAM 2-3 days
z/OS COBOL Programming (view courses) (see course)
Advanced COBOL Programming: COBOL-II and COBOL/370 (z/OS MVS COBOL for MVS & VM) 2-4 days
Introduction to the IBM Mainframe (for new entrants) 5-6 days
Introduction to the IBM Mainframe and Programming (for new entrants) 15 days
ICL COBOL to IBM COBOL Conversion 2-4 days

NB Intrinsic Functions (part of the ANSI-89 standard) will not be included as standard in COBOL courses unless described in the course outline.  They can be included upon request.


Design Methods

Course Title Course
Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) 3 days



Course Title Course
Introduction to Data Processing (please call)
Understanding Information Technology (please call)
Testing Concepts (please call)
ABEND Solving 1-2 days


Partners (MKCT is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites) website opens in a new window

Course Title Course
Minerva Training Consultants  
DB2 Application Programming (see site)
IMS Application Programming (DB and DC) (see site)
PL/I Application Programming (see site)
Otus I.T. Ltd  
Microsoft: Visual Basic (incl. VB6 and .NET), Access and Excel (macros) (see site)
Programming: C++ (incl. Windows MFC, Win32 and .NET) and C# (see site)

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