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This course is designed for delegates with some Linux experience who wish to become familiar with bash Shell Scripts.


Overall Objective

The course will enable the delegate to write both basic and complicated scripts to automate tasks using the facilities of the shell, and will especially benefit system administrators who need to run everyday administration tasks.


System Administrators, System support personnel, Installation personnel, Network administrators, Programmers and other users, who have a broad-based understanding of Linux and who may need to write or maintain shell scripts.


Familiarity with the Linux (or UNIX) environment and commands is useful.  Knowledge of the vim editor is assumed.  For those delegates new to Linux, attendance of the three-day Introduction to Linux course is recommended.


2 - 3 days, hands-on (up to 5 days if sed and awk included).

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, the delegate will be able to:

Course Contents

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