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Programming COBOL-85 extensions and COBOL-89
for independent platforms

This course describes and explains the features now available in COBOL-89.  It includes a separate COBOL-85 (COBOL-II) topic for those delegates not familiar with the extensions, and full details of Intrinsic Functions that were added for those platforms that support them.



The course is ideal for COBOL programmers who have no or very little experience of COBOL-85 or will be working with a compiler that supports COBOL-89.


All delegates attending this course should be experienced COBOL programmers.


2 days (3 days if the Debugging topic is included), hands-on.

Course objectives

On completion of this course, students can:

Course contents

COBOL-85 extensions COBOL-89 enhancements Intrinsic Functions Callable Services Debugging
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